T'RU products are sustainable so we care of the environment, Premium Alpaca fiber we use is fine and light and does not need to be washed frequently compared to other materials.

First Step:  Care and clean with the air outside as a first step. 

Handwash:  Wash at a maximum of 30 °, use wool detergent or mild shampoo. Please do not rub, otherwise the wool could provoke pellets. Treat stubborn stains before washing with detergent and allow them to absorb for 10 minutes. Wash separately and do not bleach. Please do not squeeze, just wring it out carefully and dry it flat in the original form, do not hang and never dry it in the dryer.

Machine wash:  We prefer hand wash but machine washing is also possible in a low cycle and at 30°, wool program. Machine wash is at your own risk, as program settings are always different.

Repair service:  We care about our products and in case you need to repair your T'RU product, please refer to our repair service .