With our T'RU initiative we want to achieve a sustainable impact in improving the poverty situation in Bolivia, especially for indigenous women and their families.

Bolivia is a developing country with a high rate of poverty and huge potential in natural resources. There is high illiteracy amongst women, low income generating capacity and the maternal mortality rate is one of the highest in the world.

Poverty has increased significantly, the cost of living is higher, and difficult climatological conditions make agricultural activities in the highlands more difficult. Women are abandoned by their male counterparts because of the lack of resources and must support their families by themselves. Women are forced to abandon their traditions – knitting and handcrafting – and they carry out all kind of economical activities, abandoning their children. This situation affects their children, who grow alone taking care of themselves, and the adolescents, who due to a lack of family control tend to fall into crime and drugs.

By providing these women work at home or nearby, they don't need to abandon their families. Their children, the main beneficiaries of the project, benefit by having happy mothers who work and accompany their development and education.