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Feel-good comfort with plaids & pillows

T'RU Sustainable Handmade

When you buy a T'RU blanket, you're not only doing something good for yourself, you're supporting and helping women and their families in Bolivia.
T'RU is a Swiss Fair Trade Brand whose main goal is to support the alpaca weaving art of 700 women from El Alto la Paz in Bolivia. Knitting and weaving are important sources of income for these women, as they have few opportunities for sustainable income in Bolivia.
Each T'RU product is made purely by hand and in a gentle way with respect for the environment. The plaids are characterized by the best quality and fluffy softness, proving the craftsmanship of Bolivian women, knitted and woven by hand with great attention to detail.  
  The wool used comes from alpaca animals that live freely in their natural habitat and are sheared twice a year for the extraction of alpaca wool. Alpaca wool is especially suitable for people with allergies to the wool wax lanolin. 



T'RU at Swiss Design Market - Zurich

Our Brand T'RU Sustainable Handmade presented the new collections at Swiss Design Market Zurich.
We were proud to have been selected in Swiss designers and present our quality and design to the conscious consumers that came to visit looking forward to know more about responsible brands and doing good to our planet and people.
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Our Brand together with Sleepgreen participated at LU Couture, a very important event in Switzerland. We have promoted our products and launched our Initiative, presented to swiss clients and press.

Lentes al Instante

Our partnership with Lentes al Instante in Switzerland allowed us to make a dream of T'RU become reality!

For the first time in their lives our knitters/weavers and their families were allowed to visit an ophthalmologist. T'RU took over the costs for the glasses adapted to their visual handicaps. For 55 family members this means to see 'sharp' again! For many we could improve the living conditions sustainably as well as support them in their working abilities. Especially for the many children, 'glasses' also mean a great help in school and their learning process.

We are very grateful for all the help and looking forward to extant our sustainable support in El Alto, La Paz, Bolivia!


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My NEW Website is finally online!

Dear all
Finally my new website is online! After a long journey and many exiting new ideas is it time to put it the new window of T'RU to the world online.

Please explore and I hope you will like it.

Looking forward to all your comments...

Wish you a nice summer and stay warm with our alpaca products :-)