Terms & Conditions

All orders are subject to acceptance and availability by T’RU. Once the buyer has signed the purchase order, he will receive from T’RU (the seller) a separate email with the invoice and all purchase details including the estimated delivery date. To confirm the order, the buyer will need to provide an upfront prepayment of 50% of the total purchase value so T’RU can commission the order with its atelier (the manufacturer) for production. The remaining 50% of the total purchasing value are due 30 days after the confirmed delivery date.

All delivery details should be clearly provided by the buyer in the purchase order or in case they don't figure or change the buyer is kindly asked to provide them before delivery to T’RU.

T'RU takes responsibility for all its products during the transit time until confirmed delivery to the address indicated by the buyer. Once the products are confirmed delivered to the buyers delivery address, the buyer takes full responsibility for the products.

All items are quality controlled and checked for any faults before they are dispatched to the buyer. In case the buyer should receive an item that is not in perfect condition, the buyer should immediately contact T’RU (the seller). Products are classified as faulty if they are received damaged, or if a manufacturing fault occurs within 7 days after receipt. Return of the product is under the buyer’s responsibility until it has been safely returned to T’RU. The delivery of faulty products should be done to the following address:

T'RU Gumiel Lustenberger
Rigiblickstrasse 7a
CH-8915 Hausen am Albis