Our products are sustainable made with Premium Alpaca material, organic, colored naturally and with a minimum use of chemicals.

Every T’RU product, knitted or woven, is a reflection of a timeless design handmade with love, care and incredible detail by every Bolivian women who put heart, effort and hopes transmitted to you.

The techniques they apply belong to their tradition from past generations brought to our modern days. It is a real handwork and the production takes weeks, with a final careful quality control of a high-quality manufactured piece.

T'RU strongly believes that a product's history, its sustainable production and positive social impact, are of equal importance as its quality.

OUR PLAIDS are characterized by their modern design which we adapt every year in cooperation with the Bolivian artisans to the latest fashion trends and color pallette.

We offer high-quality interior accessories with T'RU's own design and the possibility for personalized colours and combinations of preference.  

These diferenciation factors make possible a fantastic handmade and truly unique piece.

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T'RU accessories are created based on an unique design. 

We propose high quality garments that are elegant and timeless designed, comfortable and simple that dress our customers not only with modernity and comfort but also with our history.

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